I have been buying the same couple of drugs for years now. I need them for some medical conditions and I like to pay as little as I can for them. I know I need them and I will pay what it takes to purchase them, but why pay more when I can pay so […]

Someone recommended Shy to Buy to me when I told them I had some trouble with my breast implants. It wasn’t something I wanted to discuss with a lot of people, particularly a pharmacist I don’t even know. That could be so embarrassing to just go down to a pharmacy and talk about this kind […]

I think the reason a lot of online pharmacies are able to be so inexpensive with their drugs- both generic and brand name- is because they aren’t really middle men like retail pharmacies are. They don’t have to pay for shelf space and make a way for customers to come into their stores. They avoid […]

I was looking for information on some medical conditions relating to sexuality, and came across this site. It actually has a lot of information about various sexual diseases and disorders. There’s some really good information, this is like a condensed version of WebMD or something. But it also doubles as a pharmacy. They sell all […]

The best experience I’ve ever had with ordering drugs online comes from secure tablets. No joke, they sent out the drugs I ordered the very next day. I think they have a 24-hour shipping policy, where they ship out within 24 hours. I really like that they also have all the stuff I’m looking for. […]

You don’t need to waste your time with name brand drugs. The big pharmaceuticals all want you to buy up their drugs and pay big money for them based on name recognition alone. What they don’t want you to know is that there are tons of generic version of the same drugs out there. These […]

I can’t stand paying more than I have to for stuff, and that includes medications I need to get through the day. I held off on ordering the drugs I was prescribed by my doctor until I could find them at a good price. Thankfully, it didn’t take me too long to find RX True. […]

I get all my Cialis, Levitra and such through RX One Pharmacy. I’m the kind of person who is reluctant to ask for these kinds of drugs at the counter of a pharmacy. I just freeze up and don’t know what to say. It all comes out as a jumbled mess, and I’m just so […]

I was really happy with the meds I ordered from them the first time. Everything was priced really low and got to me in great shape and a short amount of time. Then the second order arrived and everything was not okay. I had ordered a few medications and not all of them were the […]

My order of Viagra from them was fast and easy. The pills arrived when they said and they were all packed great. These were generic pills, mind you, but they worked every bit as good as the name brand stuff. That’s exactly what I was looking for, because you can get these for a lot […]