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Xenical (orlistat) is a drug that is manufactured by the Roche Company which is used to help any individual to lose weight. This drug is most useful if a doctor declares that the person is obese or is at risk of the lifestyle diseases that could arise as a result. These are diseases such as diabetes or even elevated lipids. When the doctor puts a person on Xenical and after three months exercise together with diet no results are seen. Thus Xenical becomes part of the weight loss program for an individual. To achieve the desired results an individual will be required to check the diet coupled with a lot of physical activity. With guidance from the doctor a weight management program can yield results.

How Does It Work

Xenical being a weight loss treatment it is availed to persons who have a BMI of over 30. This is very ideal since it works to influence the stomach and doesn’t result in any hormone imbalances in the brain or elsewhere. Xenical will prevent up to 30% absorption of the fats consumed with every meal which means no deposits of the same can be made in the body. Participants of a weight loss program with the xenical drug complimenting were able to lose up to 5 or 10 % of their body weight.

Xenical contains Orlisat ingredients which do not have any influence on the brain thus no mood swings and the likes. Once Xenical has been ingested, it will work to prevent the enzymes found in the stomach from breaking down the fats that have been consumed by an individual. This will mean that the same cannot be stored in the body since the fats can’t be digested. If a third of fat in every meal is blocked, then weight loss is inevitable. Xenical can provide noticeable results within a couple of months if combined with exercise and a good diet. However it is advisable that the user can include some vitamin supplements since some vitamins may be blocked and swept out with the fats.

Dosages of Xenical

Xenical should always be taken as directed by the doctor or pharmacist although the recommended dosages are 120 mg capsule which is usually taken with each of the three main meals of the day. As long as the individual takes a well balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables where the daily intake of calories is distributed equally throughout the meals of the day then weight loss is inevitable.

Xenical can be bought online today in simple steps of completing the online consultation of a particular website for free with no obligations. The same is reviewed by registered doctors of the site to ascertain the suitability of the treatment. Most of the online outlets have a patient support team which will regularly work with the buyer checking their progress and offering advise where needed. The advantage of purchasing Xenical online is the fact that; there is discreteness to the whole transaction, a free consultancy together with delivery offered, plus there is professional patient support. Xenical cost however will vary from one online store to another from around $172 dependent on the number of tablets.

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