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Vicodin is a combination of both Acetaminophen together with Hydrocodone and is in the category of Opioid pain relievers which is a narcotic type of drug. The Acetaminophen though not a strong pain reliever it is used to increase the efficacy of the Hydrocodone ingredient.

Caution While Taking Vicodin

Vicodin should not be taken by anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, if the patient is using tranquilizers or narcotic related drug. The ingredient Hydrocodone is known to stop a person’s breathing if not administered properly. Buy cheap vicodin online can also be habit forming thus a lot of consideration should be put when administering to a person who has a history of abusing drugs. This is a drug that is not meant to be shared with anyone due to this addictive nature and thus should be kept in a safe place for the patient’s use only. The Vicodin dosages should be maintained as prescribed by the doctor. Use of more than the recommended dosage can cause liver damage or become fatal. Any signs of nausea, itching pain in the upper abdomen, clay colored stool or yellowing of the eyes should be reported immediately to a doctor. In rare cases a severe skin reaction can result from the use of Vicodin. Breathing difficulties are noticed in older adults, malnourished or severely ill persons. Vicodin can possibly pass through the breast milk which could harm the baby.
Vicodin dosage

The severity of the pain will determine the dosage quantities and individuals  response to this analgesic. Tolerance however, may develop with time despite the fact that most   adverse effects result from dosage quantities. Normal doses are administered   in one or two tablets in intervals of between   four to six hours and a patient should not exceed eight tablets a day. Under the Controlled   Substance Act Vicodin ES 750 mg / 7.5 mg is under the classification of Schedule 2 Controlled Substance.

Common Side Effect

A patient who is using Vicodin may experience dizziness or light headedness. However some of these side effects   do wear   off as the body adjusts to the drug and may not   need a doctors attention if   drowsiness sleepiness and calmness continues a doctors advise should be sort. Generally though, side effects of Vicodin may   be similar to any other narcotic pain relievers.

Buy Vicodin Online

Where can i buy vicodin online can be purchased online from various online drugstores at the convenience of a patient. Common Payments methods are used too which eases the mode of payment process. When a patient logs into a drugstore online they are able to consult the online registered doctors who will make a description. The delivery is thereafter made to the recipient and the number of days it may take is dependent on the location of the customer, with most drug stores taking from between two to four days. Once charging has been done to the account, packaging is done and dispensation done via a courier. Some online store have support teams who will follow up the progress of a patient and offer advice from 2 time to time.



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