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OrlistatHow Easy is it to Buy Orlistat Online

Orlistat is a medication that when combined with low calorie dietary and exercise will aid in weight loss. Orlistat tablets help reduce the absorption of fat to the body which results in weight loss. The orlistat tablets however will yield results if taken together with increased activity by the individual and a check on their dietary intake.

How Orlistat Works

This drug will prevent a third of all the fat taken in a meal from being absorbed into an individual’s body. The undigested fat is passed out as part of stool. When the weight loss program is followed to the letter an individual can expect to lose more for every two Kgs that would have been lost initially.

How to Administer Orlistat

The directions given by a physician should be followed when taking orlistat. However doses of one capsule can be taken three times a day which is the recommended dosage. The capsules are spaced out and taken either up to one hour after each of the meals, before or during the meals. Notably though, is the fact that an Orlistat capsule should only be taken if the particular meal has got any fat, with the three recommended capsules not being exceeded.

The capsules can be swallowed as a whole with water and if a capsule is missed, it can be taken if it is within one hour but if an hour has passed since the last meal and individual should wait until the next meal to take the next scheduled capsule thus the missed capsule is left out. Caution should be taken not to double the dosage whatever the case and if after 12 weeks there no evidence of any weight loss, it is recommended a visit to the doctor once again since the medication needs to be stopped. If more than 3 capsules are taken per day accidentally then the doctor should be consulted.
Orlistat Side Effects

It’s not unusual for some people to experience some side effects with but a doctor can be consulted if they are serious side effect. The most common of them are gassiness or wind, fatty stool or soft stools or needing the toilet every so suddenly. Other side effects could include runny stools, frequent visits to the toilet, incontinences, anxiety and sore stomach. Most of these effects may be as a result of how the drug works with the changes in a person’s digestion and are expected within the first weeks into the use of orlistat capsules.

Buy orlistat online

Orlistat can be purchased online by placing the orders from a particularly recommended website where some may require a short filling of a questionnaire to select the treatment that is preferred. Once a doctor has reviewed an order that is already placed, treatment and the prescription is delivered. Some websites even offer free delivery with many options which a buyer is able to choose from when checking out the order. This is a cheaper and faster way of buying orlistat online.

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