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PriligyGet the best information about Priligy

Priligy is the mainstay of pharmaceutical treatment for Premature Ejaculation (PE). This is a condition where a man ejaculates too quickly during sexual intercourse. It is the most common condition affecting male sexual function. Men with PE are thought to ejaculate by the same method as other men, but this happens more quickly and they feel less in control of their own ejaculation. It is hard to know how long ‘normal’ sex should last. Studies looking at around 500 couples found that the average time between entry of the penis into the vagina and ejaculation was five and a half minutes. However every couple should decide for themselves what the norm for them is. It is up to them to decide if they are happy and satisfied with the time that it takes for the man to ejaculate.

Occasional PE can occur, and this is usually nothing to worry about. If over half of all attempts result in premature ejaculation, treatment is something that a man should consider, and it is likely to be of help. Treatment for PE is very important as it can adversely affect the quality of life of the man and his partner. Causes of PE are not well understood, but it is thought to result because of a number of factors including anxiety, penile hypersensitivity and serotonin receptor dysfunction.

When you want to buy Priligy, ask for dapoxetine it is Priligy brand name, is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It was developed specially to treat PE. It is thought to be of more use in the treatment of PE than other drugs in the same class. This is because of several reasons. It is absorbed into the body very quickly, and so its effect is fairly rapid, allowing it to be taken on demand, a few hours before sexual activity. As a result of this, the chance of experiencing any adverse effects associated with this class of medications is much reduced as it is only being taken periodically, and stays in the system for only a short period of time. However, this negative side of this is that it can reduce the spontaneity of sex. Dapoxetine represented a breakthrough in the treatment of PE as it is the first drug to be licenced for its treatment.

Priligy can be used in men aged 18 to 64 years. It should be taken with a full glass of water, with or without food. Alcohol should be avoided while using this medication as the effects of alcohol such as feeling dizzy, sleepy and having slow reactions can be increased by taking these two at the same time. One tablet should be taken one to three hours before sexual activity. Men should start with the lower dose of 30mg, and see how this works for them. It is recommended to trial treatment for 4 weeks or at least six doses. If a greater effect is needed, and the lower strength was well-tolerated they can then try the 60mg strength. Only one tablet should be taken in any 24 hour period5, and it is not indicated for daily use.

Lastly, you can purchase this incredible Priligy online; however, you need to follow religiously the prescribed dosage to repress chance of over dose.

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