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How To Use Clomid Effectively

Clomid is a drug that is used to enhance the possibilities of ovulation. However, there are several women that use Clomid but unaware of how it works. Clomid induces ovulation as opposed to pregnancy or fertility.

There are certain things that you are required to do prior to taking Clomid. Your partner should do a sperm count because if it turns out to be low, it will be pointless to take Clomid medication. Conversely, failure to get pregnant does not mean that Clomid has not worked. It could have worked but you did not get pregnant.

You can tell that Clomid has worked by ovulating while on the drug. However, you need to keep in mind that not all women that use Clomid ovulate. As a matter of fact, even women that ovulate may not get pregnant whether they use Clomid or not.

A Woman Should Know If She Can Ovulate

You can buy clomid online or at your local pharmacy and take it for five days. It is expected that ovulation takes place between five and nine days later. In addition, you can take it as early as the second day of your cycle. If you want to know whether you have ovulated you can use the following methods:

  • Ovulation pain
  • Calculation
  • Ultrasound examination of ovaries
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Blood Progesterone Test
  • Changes in Cervical Mucus
  • Ovulation Predictor Kit

Increasing the Dosage of Clomid

Clomid for sale is normally administered at a dose of 50 mg for up to 5 days. If ovulation takes place, then there is no further need for treatment. Clomid dosage can be increased in the following cycle if you fail to ovulate during the previous one. Do not increase dosage if you are already ovulating because it could cause you to miss the opportunity to get pregnant.

Ovulation and Your Menstrual Period

The normal menstrual period arises exactly two weeks after ovulation. Here are some important things you need to know in the process of ovulation:

  • No ovulation: If this happens, you are bound to get an irregular period. Despite some irregular spotting and bleeding, it does not denote a menstrual period.
  • Ovulation takes place without pregnancy: In such a situation, your menstrual period occurs about two weeks after the day you ovulated.
  • Ovulation and pregnancy: Ovulation takes place and your menstrual period does not take place fifteen or more days later.


Other Tips To Induce Ovulation
You can use the following tips to induce ovulation prior to taking Clomid:

  • Go for a medical check up to ensure that your fallopian tubes are not blocked.
  • Make sure your partner does a sperm count.
  • Do an FSH on cycle day three to ensure that your eggs are of reasonable quality.

Follow these steps and you will derive the benefits of using Clomid. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand why you are not getting pregnant despite taking Clomid diligently.

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