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Generic Propecia

Purchase Generic Propecia Online

Order Generic Propecia 1mg & 5mg online at very low cost, Generic Propecia is used in the treatment of hair loss for male pattern baldness. The active ingredient in generic Propecia is Finasteride.

Properties of Propecia

Propecia is used to reverse male pattern hair loss. However, it cannot be used by men that are suffering from prostate cancer. Propecia is not to be taken by women.

Effect of Generic Propecia

The active ingredient of Finasteride in generic Propecia is a 5-alpha reductase enzyme found in males. It converts testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone also known as DHT. Generic Propecia cuts down on the levels of DHT available by reducing the action of the a 5-alpha reductase enzyme thus reducing the balding process. It causes new hair growth to occur with the chance of full hair growth being experienced.

Contraindications to Generic Propecia

Patients that suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasic also known as BPH as well as galactose intolerance should not take Generic Propecia. This includes those that are allergic to Finasteride.

Propecia Interactions

There is no significant interaction of Generic Propecia with other drugs. Conversely, Generic Propecia should not be taken with other drugs containing Finasteride. Inform your physician of any other medications, non-prescription drugs, herbal medications and supplements that you are taking prior to using Generic Propecia. It is also essential to indicate if you consume alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs. These substances can cause health complications that are harmful to your health. At times it may lead to fatalities.

Side Effects of Generic Propecia

Some of the side effects associated with Generic Propecia are disorders related to the make genitals, impotency, scanty ejaculation, itching, skin rashes, pain in the testicles and reduced libido.


Expectant women should not come into contact with crushed or broken tablets. It can cause fatal abnormalities. Conversely, it can be passed into the breast milk during nursing of a newborn baby. Generic Propecia should only be taken under strict supervision of your physician. During administration of the drug, be sure to monitor and report any side effects to your physician while maintaining regular visits to your healthcare provider.


You do not require a prescription to buy Generic Propecia online. You can get a cheap order online thus saving you visits to your local drugstore. With Generic Propecia, you are guaranteed of exceptional quality. It has been approved in many parts of the world. We deliver Generic Propecia to your door.

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